By the grace of God, the Qatari-Czech Center for Physiotherapy was established in May 2011 as a simple contribution to the provision of physical therapy treatments to patients in need, since these treatments are rather lengthy, difficult and sometimes costly. The Center also seeks to contribute to supporting and diversifying the economy of our beloved country and fulfilling the vision of our wise leadership in providing specialized qualitative and distinct services. This is why we have chosen to establish a physiotherapy center in view of the absence of such centers in Qatar. We hope that by doing so we would be serving our community and contributing to the building and advancing of our economy.

Ali Bin Khamis Bin Zamel Al Kawari

Board of Directors


                Abdullah Ali K. Zamil Alkwuari             Nasser Ali K. Zamil Alkwuari

Chairman of Board of Directors / General Manager

We had a great challenge in establishing a specialized center for physiotherapy in Qatar  to work  according to recognized standards in this field. The idea itself might  seem prima facie quite strange, and the fact that there is no other similar center means that we are required to exert doubled effort in explaining the importance of physiotherapy in the country. Our keenness to recruit a European medical staff with the highest qualification in physiotherapy is  the best proof of our endeavor  to provide  highest standard medical services at  reasonable costs, throughout the year.

Majed  Ali Khamis Zamil Al Kawuari

Executive Managar

I have worked as a doctor in the field of physiotherapy for more than ten years, during which I have met many patients of Arab nationalities who came to the Czech Republic seeking treatment. It always made me very sad to see that patients had to leave shortly after the first signs of improvement because they cannot stay abroad for a long time and I hoped that I would be able to establish a physiotherapy center in one of the Arab countries. During the course of my work, I have received many offers to establish a physical therapy center in the GCC, the first of which came from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, then from the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. But, all of these offers remained ideas that disappeared when their owners left the Czech Republic and headed back home.

One day I met some brothers from the State of Qatar who proposed the idea of establishing such a center and discussed it with me. I thought that this would have the same fate as the other preceding ideas and discussions, but things were different this time. After returning to Qatar, our Qatari brothers contacted me and asked me to come to Qatar in order to inspect things on the ground and to draw up plans to establish a physiotherapy center with Czech medical staff and equipment. The aim of the center would be to provide physiotherapy treatments that many people from the GCC countries seek abroad. Thus, for the past three years we were working on the implementation of the project, during which I visited Qatar several times. We have also contracted well-known companies that provide physical therapy equipment and chose a highly qualified medical staff in the field of physiotherapy.

On May 22, 2011, we were granted a license from the Supreme Council of Health in the State Qatar. Since then, we have been providing physiotherapy services based on the Czech method of treatment. These services were previously available only to a given number of patients and for a very short period of time. Yet, with the establishment of the Center all patients now have the opportunity to receive therapy throughout the year without having to travel abroad.

Dr. Afif Ali AlSanbani